You can donate money to the Anything Helps Project directly.

Anything Helps is not a charity organization. It does not base itīs actions on approved or politically correct information about global poverty but works very subjectively and provocatively.

Anything Helps is a project maintained by artist Jani Leinonen, who very hard wants to get rid of class-distinction but realizes that this project is possible only because of class-differences and the fact that Jani Leinonen himself has a money to travel around the world to find the beggars. Jani Leinonen thinks there would be a better way to help the poor, for example by giving the money directly to the beggars, but he feels it is important to clarify that he is a part of this problem living in a country thatīs affluence is based on underpaid labour in poor countries producing cheap products. Jani Leinonen is not sure how much of his welfare benefits he would be willing to give up to erase poverty in the world. He hopes everyone would be as rich as he is but realizes that world would be doomed to an ecological catastrophe.

The incomes from selling the installation and all the donations will be spend on raising the awareness of globally rising class-differences and poverty through thought-provoking actions. For example, the money might be given directly to one beggar or it could be spend on newspaper advertisements. The ways of spending the money will be announced on this website.

You can donate money by a money-transfer to the following account.
Please, add ANYTHING HELPS as the headline of the transfer.

Owner of the account: LEINONEN JANI KALEVI
IBAN:FI89 1279 3500 0580 33

Address of the bank:
Mannerheimintie 7
00020 NORDEA